Author: DrSonyaM

5 Practices of Highly Productive People

The most productive people have three essential things in common: they’re organized, goal-oriented, and they remain focused. But there are other practices that these high achievers share that you may not have considered. Keep reading to learn about five of the best practices to help you along your journey to improving productivity. Have a Morning […]

Eight Strategies for Selling Value Rather Than Price

Introduction Clients are questioning the value of the services they purchase at a higher rate than they have in the past. They are demanding that experts show their worth or lower their costs as a result of increased competition, both online and offline.   You should sell value, not price if you want to get […]

How To Use Online Content To Help Your Business Succeed

Thanks to the Internet, reaching out to potential clients has never been easier than it is now. The use of search engines, social media, podcasts, and video allows your organization to reach a large number of potential customers.     Publishing material on the internet is one of the most effective long-term strategies for reaching […]

10 Resources to Help You Come Up with Ideas for Your Business Niche

Introduction Are you having problems identifying the best business niche for your company? Determine the issues your target audience is experiencing and then provide them with a solution through your content and solutions. The recipe for success includes picking an issue or topic you are excited about as well as something that your target audience […]

Seven Current Marketing Trends

While new marketing tools and fads emerge regularly, you want to notice how marketing approaches evolve. What exactly does your target audience want? What is the most effective strategy to respond to their requirements? All of these contemporary marketing strategies are geared toward accomplishing this goal. Take a look at the following:   Personalization Is […]