5 Practices of Highly Productive People
5 Practices of Highly Productive People

5 Practices of Highly Productive People

The most productive people have three essential things in common: they’re organized, goal-oriented, and they remain focused. But there are other practices that these high achievers share that you may not have considered. Keep reading to learn about five of the best practices to help you along your journey to improving productivity.

Have a Morning Routine

A consistent morning routine sets you up for success and improves productivity throughout the day. For example, starting your day with a nutritious breakfast, 20-30 minutes of exercise, and reading or journaling can all help boost your energy levels. Plus, it can increase your focus and create a more positive mindset. An easy but effective morning routine will help establish the atmosphere for the rest of the day and assist you in maintaining the motivation to get things done.


Stop Multitasking

Research has shown that multitasking impairs your performance. On low-level activities such as doing laundry while completing other household chores, it’s okay to multitask. But you shouldn’t multitask when it comes to your higher-level, big-picture objectives.

It may feel like you’re accomplishing more, but switching between tasks disrupts your cognitive processing. The most productive individuals devote specific timeframes to a single project to achieve a deep mental focus and get the most significant possible results.

Treat Failures As A Learning Experience

Taking chances is critical to becoming productive, efficient, and self-assured. The most successful individuals are not afraid to make mistakes. They go after what they want without overthinking the consequences, and each failure they see as an opportunity for growth.


Productive people learn from their mistakes and take measures to avoid making the same mistake in the future. The next time you feel like you have failed, ask yourself: What can I learn from this? What can I improve?

Learn To Say ‘No’

Saying yes to every opportunity can be tempting since you never know where it may lead. But overextending yourself can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and frustration. Plus, if you say yes to things that don’t help you reach your goals, you’re also wasting valuable time and resources.


Productive people don’t feel uncomfortable saying ‘no.’ They know the value of their time and treat it like a precious resource (because it is!). To reach your goals, you must be intentional with your time. We only get 1,440 minutes each day – don’t give that time away without considering how it will impact you and your goals.


The usual understanding of productivity is the ability to complete a lot in a small timeframe. While this is true, it isn’t comprehensive. Actual productivity entails the capacity to generate high-impact outcomes quickly. It is the type of productivity that matters, not busy work that has no long-term impact. Adding these practices to your daily routine will enable you to do just that. 

Apply The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule, also called the Pareto principle, says that eighty percent of your results come from twenty percent of your actions.


To improve productivity, you must understand which activities provide the best results. With that knowledge, you can focus more on tasks that actively move you toward your goals. Get rid of the tasks that have little to no impact on your overall efficiency. Instead, focus on the small number of projects that will get you 80 percent of the desired results.


Closing Thoughts

 Proven practices of highly productive people are necessary for staying on track and accomplishing your goals. The tips mentioned above will help you have a productive day and enrich your way of life. For more information on productivity, please subscribe to my blog.

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