10 Tips for Creating an Amazing “How-To” Video
10 Tips for Creating an Amazing “How-To” Video

10 Tips for Creating an Amazing “How-To” Video

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One of the most successful means of using video to market your business is to make a how-to or explainer video. Why? Mainly, customers are not going to watch a lengthy sales pitch. They might sit through a 30-second pitch if you make it inviting or interesting enough, but if you want to keep them engaged for a more extended period, you will have to offer them something relevant and valuable.


Information is an indispensable product online. A well-produced how-to video can sell your products or services more effectively than a traditional commercial – without actually selling.


Below you will find a few ways you can use how-to videos:


  • Display a product
  • Demonstrate various methods to use a product
  • Give customers a behind-the-scenes look at how you create a product


Any one of these can make for an engaging and informative video. With that in mind, below are some pointers to assist you in making how-to videos that your customers will absolutely enjoy!


1. Research the competition.

Do some YouTube searches to see what other how-to videos are out there, and try to find a unique way to present your information.


2. Break down what you want to demonstrate into steps.

Even if your demonstration is going to be primarily visual, you should write down step-by-step instructions to ensure you are not missing anything.


3. Once you have written down the steps, have someone unfamiliar with what you are explaining read it.

You are probably very familiar with your subject. When you are, it can be easy to skip over necessary steps or explanations because you take them for granted. Mix your reader’s questions into your written explanation. Keep polishing it until you have it exactly right.


4. Think about the best way to demonstrate what you have written visually.

Brainstorm some ways to make it interesting or entertaining. Get input from trusted family or friends to help narrow your choices.


5. Focus on the benefits your product will provide to your customers.

When demonstrating how a product works, concentrate on the benefits it will provide for your customers. Remember, the emphasis of all online marketing should be on providing value to your clients, not on talking about yourself.


6. Write a script (or outsource it)

Include your instructions and the visual ways you will demonstrate them.


7. Invest in high-quality production.

Having great video and sound quality will keep people watching. A poorly-produced video may have the opposite effect from the one you intended.


8. Optimize your video for search engines.

Use a target keyword in the file name of your video and in the Meta description when you post it on video-sharing sites.


9. Provide a transcript of your video.

The transcript is a way for your visitors to read along with the video or separately if they prefer to read. You can also include the transcript in your video description box.


10. Plan a release date for your video.

Decide when and where you are going to share it. For example, you might share it on your website, post it on YouTube or Facebook, or share it on your other social media sites.

Closing Thoughts

A well-produced how-to video will increase your authority status, inform your target audience, and increase your bottom line.

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