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Top 5 Social Media Sites -
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Top 5 Social Media Sites

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This is an updated post of Top 5 Social Media Sites published on 6/7/2016.

Within the Internet sphere, there is an ever-increasing number of social networking websites.  Taking notice of the top 5 social media sites has the ability to build the most opportunities for developing your brand and promoting your enterprise.  This in turn helps increase your bottom line.

At present, the top 5 social media sites include Facebook and Twitter, along with LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.  We’ll examine each one to help you decide where to focus your social media marketing attention.


Facebook now has more than 2.38 billion monthly active users.  It allows individual and corporate pages, and a variety of written, video and promotional content. Despite reports that Facebook is decreasing in popularity amongst a younger audience, it is #1 in the world and #1 where it counts — with consumers who have money to spend.

The audience tends to consist of more women than it does men.  Both use social search to learn more about products and services and get recommendations.  Women socialize more, and keep in touch with friends and family through their account.  They are also more likely to access their account on a mobile device.

They participate more in groups, polls and surveys and tend to respond better to ads.  The ads at Facebook are highly targeted and a good deal cheaper than the Google AdSense network, so making the most of all the free as well as paid marketing opportunities at Facebook is the best way to build your audience rapidly and stay connected with them.


Twitter has approximately 330 million monthly active users. Many people like it because they feel it is fun and easy to use. The posts, called tweets, used to be only a 140 characters long were allowed but, has increased to 280. Even so, it is still a fast way to update your followers about your online business (or offline business).

More women than men are on Twitter and tweet more actively. They also re-tweet, or share your tweets. This helps you to reach a wider circle of people. Twitter also has an easy-to-use advertising program to help gain followers and feature tweets.


LinkedIn, geared towards business people, has more than 500 million members of which 260 million log in each month. There are more men than women using the platform. LinkedIn works well to connect with people you know and tap into business-to-business opportunities. They recently added advertising to their offers in relation to lead generation, that is, focusing on getting people to sign up for your email marketing list. They also bought SlideShare, the #1 site for sharing PowerPoint presentations. Use all 3 opportunities to build your brand and reach if your product line appeals to business people.


Pinterest is a social media platform that focuses on images.  It has 250 million monthly active users, with women accounting for 80% of users and a majority of this sector is over 35.  It is a visual social network where people pin pictures related to products, services, and more to virtual pinboards related to particular topics. They also re-pin to share interesting content with their social circle.

Studies have shown that around 60% of users have made a purchase based on what they saw on Pinterest, with an average payment of $55.  If your products are highly visual, ideal for women, or you wish to tap into a femalecentric market, this is the site for you.


Google+ (pronounced Google PLUS) is the youngest of the top 5 networks, but already has 120 million users, though mostly men.  It links to all your Google activities through your free Gmail account.  This also means you can connect it to your YouTube channel if you have one.  YouTube is the #1 video sharing site in the world.  Plus, it’s the third greatest social networking platform following Google and Facebook.  Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts on Air allow you to use video to attract an audience and meet with prospective customers.

Although Google+ is a social hangout and good for business, in light of recent security breaches due to a bug, Google shut down Google+ in April of this year. However, it is still available to G Suite accounts through work or school.

Good social media marketing is all about making connections.  Make some connections today by opening an account to test things out. To learn more about social sites, check out for up-to-date statistics on social networking platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.! You may find that you have tapped into a true social media treasure when it comes to finding and connecting with your target market.

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