Copywriting Strategies for Your Facebook Ads

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Copywriting Strategies for Your Facebook Ads

sales copy

Two simple copywriting strategies for creating great copy for your Facebook Ads is a way to boost your earnings as well as revolutionize your sales and conversion rates. While targeting and your choice of image are important, it’s the text on your ad that will eventually cause viewers to either click or pass up on your ad and this is why you need to think carefully about how best to phrase it.

This post will help you get your copy just right for getting the right kind of person to click on your ads and hopefully order your products and services.

The Title

sales copy
Copywriting Strategies for Your Facebook Ads –

The first thing you should concentrate on is the way you write the heading of your advertisement, which is initially what will grab attention and ensure people take notice of your ad. Remember, the objective is not to get lots of clicks but rather to get the right people to click. As such, you may find that it actually makes sense to try and put some people off of clicking your ads so that you aren’t paying for visitors who won’t be interested in your brand. Make it very clear what it is you’re selling, what your site is about, and even consider including the price in your ad.

The Description

You only have a very limited number of characters to play with in your description so it needs to be good. Try to make your product sound appealing by focusing on the value proposition – how will your customers’ lives be better as a result of ordering your product?

At the same time, think about how you can remove the barriers to sale. These are the concerns that might prevent people from wanting to

product description
Copywriting Strategies for Your Facebook Ads –

buy your products –  perhaps they’re worried it won’t do what they want it to, or maybe they’re concerned about buying from an unknown brand. Making it clear that you offer a money back guarantee can help for instance, as can making it clear that your order process is very quick and easy.

Finally, remember that you can show a lot more information in an image. Think about what your image will be before you write your text as this way you can ensure that the two complement one another rather than covering the same ground and essentially becoming redundant.

Don’t forget to experiment and try altering your text over time to see if it can improve your click-through-rate (CTR) and conversions!




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