Are You Doing What You’re Passionate About?

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Have you been wanting to start a new business, finish the degree you started, or any other plans you’ve made, but haven’t realized yet? Perhaps you’re not sure of what it is you would like to do or what you’re passionate about. If this sounds like you, read on.

If you want to live your best life, then you need to find your passion and follow it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It actually isn’t that hard so it’s surprising that so many people don’t do it and seem happy to exist rather than living a life of happiness and success.

To change your life for the better and create a future of one you can look forward to, then take the following five simple practices to realize what you’re passionate about.

#1 Dream Big
Everyone has big dreams. What have you done with yours? Do you think about them, act on them or hide them away?

If you want to find your passion and purpose, then it’s time to dream big. List all of those big dreams you’ve had from childhood to today. No matter how wild or funny, write them all down.

Which of those dreams resonates most with you? Which makes your heart sing and inspires you the most? Is it realistic and achievable? If you’ve set your sights on being the first full-time resident of Mars, then you’ll probably need to take another look at your list and find something that is more realistic and achievable but almost as exciting to you!

Your big dream doesn’t have to be outrageous or huge. It just needs to be big enough to push you out of your comfort zone and willing to commit to making changes in your life so that you can achieve it. You need to want it. It needs to spark desire and passion in you.

#2 Set Goals
Once you’ve decided what your ideal or dream is then you need to set goals. Your end goal is what you want to achieve; your dream. There will be other, smaller goals, that you will need to achieve along the way. You need to note these down as well.

“It’s Only a Dream… Until You Write It Down and Then It’s a Goal.”

#3 Plan Your Way
Now that you know what you want and need to achieve, it’s time to plan what you need to do to get there. Think about what action you need to take, resources you will need and anything or anyone that can provide help and support.

#4 Take Action
You know what you want, how you can achieve it and the steps to take. It’s time to take action. Remember you are looking for a passionate life. One that fills you with excitement, joy and success.

#5 Live Your Best Life
Once you’ve started taking action on your goals and plans, you will find that your life starts to improve. Instead of dreading each day you’ll look forward to it with excitement and anticipation.

Your best life is the one that gives you happiness, success and achievement through living your passion and purpose.

If you want to find and live your passion, then you can follow the five simple methods aforementioned. You can do it on your own or you can give yourself a helpful boost by using a coach or mentor.

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