20 Surefire Evergreen Ways To Drive Traffic

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As an online business owner or blogger, you want to drive traffic to your website, but somehow you just don’t seem to know how to do it.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could post blog content and then have hordes of people coming to your site to read it?  You could get lots of people to visit your podcast, article or video.


Well, there are 20 surefire evergreen ways to drive traffic to your website or blog listed below:


#1- Great Content


First, you have to have content that attracts people or they have an interest in. If the content you are posting has a lackluster appeal, it will probably not get read, and people will more than likely not share it. I’m sure there are a lot of bloggers out there that were unknown at one time, but once they created that single piece of amazing content, it became an overnight viral sensation.  In a number of cases, sometimes all it takes is for one person to like what you’ve written, videotaped, a posted image, and so on, and that person shares it with their network and then the world, and everyone likes it as well.


What is more, the more blog posts that you create, the greater the opportunity becomes for others to see, read, and like your content.


#2 – Discuss Trending Topics


If something is on every person’s radar screen, there will be many web searches for it.  The key is to be one of the first blog or business to provide content about that specific subject matter.  Make use of this influential position and get your topic seen first.


Case in point, when Facebook made the announcement that it was going to make changes with promotional posts, everyone was upset about this because this simple modification would essentially place those posts out of commission.


As a result, it created an online frenzy. Creating a post that announces such a change (e.g., using the keywords “Facebook makes changes in 2015”), will definitely drive plenty of traffic your way.


#3 – Guest Blog


A smart way to get more traffic is to get it from well-established blogs.  Create affiliations with other well-known or reputable bloggers within your market niche.  Write guest posts for them, and include a link back to your blog.  This can send a lot of free traffic to your site.


#4 – Repurpose Old Blog Posts


Does your blog have an article that receives a reasonable amount of useful web traffic?  If so, why not reuse that same post and produce slides for Slideshare.net?  You could also use it to create a YouTube video and/or it can be repurposed and utilized for many different platforms. You could also embed media into the post to enhance it. All that is created on each of these new platforms can be linked back to your original blog post.


#5 – Use Social Media Clout


There are plenty of social medial platforms to choose from (e.g., Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.). Find out how to use these different social platforms to your advantage and put your content on them.


The key is to get people interested in your content. Concentrate on getting the attention of your target audience on these social media platforms and get them engaged.


Remember, people will click on your links if you engage them with attention-grabbing subjects or themes that don’t appear to be spammy.


#6 – Make Use of Social Sharing Plugins


The best way to get people to share your content is to make it convenient for them to do so, and social sharing plugins is an easy and effective way to get it done. There are plenty of blog sites that don’t display these plugins, and they are missing out on a lot of web traffic.


It’s a simple fix; simply download a WordPress social share plugin by clicking here or if you don’t use WP, click here.


When people see social sharing buttons on a website, they are more than likely to share that content with others.


#7 – Go to Conferences in Your Industry

You can get a lot of exposure for your blog if you interact face-to-face with those who are in your line of business or industry. In person networking can help build up your online business quicker than many other things. Why? Because nothing beats a handshake, a smile, a shared laugh or an unexpected conversation.



Go to conferences and actually talk to people.  It’s a way to build long-lasting relationships and form strategies that can help you succeed.  This is how movers and shakers grow to be successful, and it can also send plenty of traffic to your blog.


#8 – Participate in Podcast Interviews

This can bring a lot of traffic to your blog over time. Form relationships with the people in you niche who produce podcasts. Ask to be interviewed and provide helpful or practical information that will appeal to others.



Get them interested and then offer your ideas. You may not get what you want many times, but the more you do this, the more you will get good at it, and eventually get more traffic.


#9 – Interview Movers and Shakers in Your Niche


If you interview movers and shakers in your niche market, they may promote or send your post to others in the industry. But make sure that you make them shine in the post.


Oftentimes, many people want others to boast about them and show them in a good light, just make sure what you are saying is true. Create posts that give them what they want, and you might get what you want, which is more traffic.


#10 – Create Q & A Post About Influentials

Create a list of questions and send them to some of the movers and shakers in your niche.  Create a post that lists some of their best responses or answers. You’ll be surprised at what you can gain from doing this.



First, it will give you some really great content to post on your blog site.  Second, the movers and shakers may promote or send your blog post to their blog readers.


#11 – Create Blog Posts that Features Influencers in Your Niche


This is different from the previous type of post since you don’t require any help from them. As an alternative, you’ll simply create your own list of influential people.


Discuss some of their best characteristics and the things that they have done successfully. If you do a really good job with this blog post, the people that you feature will want to distribute this type of post to others as well.


Most people like to look good in the eyes of others.


#12 – Reach out to other Bloggers in Your Market


When I first started one of my blogs, I wanted to get it noticed quickly. I did my research and found several blogs that address similar topics. I introduced myself and started a conversation to get to know them and for them to get to know me. A number of the bloggers responded, but others didn’t. That’s all right especially since I still receive web traffic from the ones who did respond.


#13 – Give out Your Business Cards


Despite popular belief, business cards are still very relevant, even if you are online.  Business cards can still bring in a lot of traffic to your blog site. As long as people are meeting face-to-face, business cards are still a way for people to find your website or blog. Which in turn, leads to more traffic.

So don’t give up on business cards just yet!


#14 – Attend Events to Meet People



Meet people and network as much as you can. Meeting people face-to-face who are trying to do the same thing as you, gives you additional opportunities to connect. By forming relationships with others provides another avenue of opportunities. Join websites such as Meetup.com so that you can meet others in the areas around you.


#15 – Build Your Own Traffic


How is this accomplished? By creating an email list. When users visit your blog, this is the perfect time to get their email addresses.  The trick is to offer them something of value so that they will give you their addresses without much objection. Build up a list of subscribers and send emails to them when you want to provide new and useful information.  As such, it can lead to visitors coming back on a regular basis.


#16 – Generate a Niche Report


Social Media Examiner masters this quite well and as a result, it drives a lot of traffic their way. They like to create an Annual Social Media Report that has loads of figures or indicators regarding a variety of marketers in the social media industry. This report practically goes viral each and every time, and this is why they are growing.


#17 – Build an Inner Circle Network

There are many bloggers out there who are in the same boat as you. That is why it is a good thing to network with others, form friendships, and cross promote with a few other bloggers in your niche.



Since other bloggers are getting traffic to their blog sites, when you network you can get some of this traffic as well. Whenever you publish new content that you want to share with others, inform the bloggers in your network.


#18 – Include Images with Your Posts

Sometimes when I see a great article but it doesn’t have a picture, for some reason or another, I sometimes don’t like to share it. I talked about this in a blog post that lists 10 reasons visual content dominates.


If and when I do share posts without images, they have to be really good.



Articles without images tend to not get a lot of shares. Get skilled on how to make use of the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, and it will do a great job of optimizing images for your posts.


#19 – Make Use of Your Analytics Data for Posts


I looked at my analytics information and was completely caught off guard because I was actually ranking for a number of terms or keywords in my particular niche; all by accident. Imagine what I could do if I were to start trying to get my keywords ranked, I just might be able to dominant many keywords in my niche.


It’s also a good idea to use long-tail keywords in your posts because they are probably closer to words that users actually use when doing an online search.


My main goal right now is to begin generating articles that contain rich keywords, which will most likely bring in more traffic for me.  It could possibly dominate the key spots for many keywords.


#20 – Take Advantage of Your Email Signature


Make sure that your email signature is optimized whenever you send out an email to your list or whoever. This is also a good time to expose the reader to your blog. You can even put a call to action in your email signature. Oftentimes, people will follow the links just out of curiosity.


For example:


Your Name

www. Yourblog.com

Check Out My Free Training!


So, take advantage of these 20 proven & evergreen ways to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Try them and add even more ways to your arsenal as time goes on!


What are your thoughts? Can you think of other ways to drive traffic? If so, share them with us in the comments section below.

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Bio: Sonya Myricks is a writer, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and PhD candidate. She owns and manages a blog site with several topic categories including digital products, training information on business, marketing, and self-development plus a growing database of quality articles. If you would like more information on how to use Pinterest, visit our website http://biz-startup.com/.


Bio: Sonya Myricks is a writer, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and PhD candidate. She owns and manages a blog site with several topic categories including digital products, training information on business, marketing, and self-development plus a growing database of quality articles. If you would like more information on how to use Pinterest, visit our website http://biz-startup.com/.

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