The Basics Of Facebook Posting

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Like most people who use social media (e.g., Facebook), you’re aware of the mistakes of posting on Facebook and how you can utilize the powerful social network to drive traffic and boost your business. This post will walk you through a few of the basics of Facebook posts and creating content for your page.

Here are four ways to craft engaging content for your page or posts:

1. Avoid repetitive posts, add some diversification in your content.

This gives an element of surprise to your readers without totally diverting directly to your branding. One way to diversify your content is by presenting it over multiple formats. For example, some may find using memes boring but some might enjoy it more. So play with the different platforms that Facebook offers and see what will best serve your purposes.

2. You can also re-post content from other relevant blogs or websites.

This would be a nice break for your audience and will foster a community of learners. It’s also a great way to share others’ content to add to your credibility as a blogger or entrepreneur who wants to add value for your viewers.

3. Post content which relate to the trending topics in the industry.

This will show that you are updated and your customers will know that you are on top of your game. Be assertive but not aggressive. Do not engage in shameless promotion of your brand.

4. The fastest way to engage your reader is by asking questions.

Start a Facebook post with a simple question or a simple reaction to a trending topic. Reader’s will immediately consider how they would answer the question and become immediately engaged.


Remember, to monitor your progress after each post. You will only be wasting your time creating “engaging” content if you cannot measure its outcome. Monitor traffic patterns to understand which content yields the best results and consider this information for future reference.

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