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7 Ways To Get Attention On Instagram

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So you have downloaded Instagram, filled out your profile, and are ready to get started.  That’s great!  You are well on your way to connecting with your target audience.  You may now be left wondering what to post.  Here are a few ways to assist you initiating a connection with your followers and attract others so that they will start following you:

#1 Show Off Your Products

Try to think beyond traditional catalog-style shots.  Place your product in a unique or out of the ordinary situation and snap away.  Remember to always try to make it interesting!  You could even take an extreme close-up of a product and then invite your followers to make guesses as to what it could be in the comments.  Be sure to reply to all of your comments.

#2 Show “Behind-The-Scenes” Photos or Videos

These can be images or videos of the space you use to conduct business, and/or where you are most creative, you could even add a how it’s made video to engage your audience or video.  The point is to show the inner workings of your company or your business.  This helps people feel connected to you and your products and makes them feel like a part of your team.  If you are a service provider, then show a short video or a series of images of you doing what you do!

#3 Create Anticipation

Have an upcoming new release?  Build anticipation and excitement by showing the product in its various stages of creation.  Always use the description field to announce important dates and times so that your followers know when to expect something new.

#4 Display Your Products

This can be done in a short video or in a series of images.  Show your followers how to use something or show them the results of using your product or service.  Remember the “will it blend” YouTube marketing videos by Blentec?  They demoed their product in a very unique way!  Think of entertaining ways that you could showcase your own product or service.

#5 Introduce Your Employees/Business Partners

Short videos or images that show your employees at work are good and can help your audience connect with your brand.  You could even highlight one employee per week, and talk about their job, their hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. in the description.  Of course, you will need to be certain to have their permission before doing this!

#6 Inject Humor

Have a funny video or image that relates to your product or service?  Try creating a funny caption to go along with it.  You can use a meme creator to place text right on the image if you want to.  Google “meme creator” to find some good online tools to help you do this.

#7 Ask Questions

Take two of your similar products, place them side by side, and snap a photo.  In the description, ask your followers which one they like best and why.  Invite them to leave a comment, and be sure to respond back.

Now that you have some great ideas on how to get started, start taking some images and videos!  With every post that you make, ask yourself if it is entertaining or informative.  Remember, every image or video is an opportunity for you to actively engage with your followers on Instagram and create a relationship with them.  Now get posting!

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