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8 Practices Of Effective Social Media Marketers

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In today’s time, social media has developed steadily into an effective way to market virtually all types of businesses; still, with several websites, blogs, responsibilities, profiles and publishing to manage every day, can easily lead to feeling swamped with too much to do.


Even so, effective social media marketers (SMM) have several routines or practices that enable them to do it all successfully.  See how many you’re already doing, and add those you aren’t to your day to see what a difference they can make.


#1 Know Your Niche


Know what the people in your niche are most interested in, and come up with content that satisfies those needs. For example, any new golfer will want to know about perfecting their swing.  Think beginners new to your niche, and intermediates, and you will become a magnet for them as they look for solutions to their main issues.


#2 Block Time On Your Calendar


Make an appointment each day with your social networking profiles. Thirty minutes per day 2 or 3 times a day will prevent you from getting distracted and eating up your time. Log in, look around, and interact as needed. Don’t constantly crank out content with no thought to what’s actually happening in the account.


For example, if you have a Tweet that is getting a lot of traction, don’t tweet more items that are just going to push it down the page. Instead, let it ride as long as it can.


#3 Leverage Advertising As Needed


Even a small budget can go far with the right content on the right network. Using the example of the hot tweet above, consider turning it into a sponsored tweet. Also consider running a campaign to add more followers while the tweet is prominent, in order to give it more exposure to those interested in your niche who are on the network but not connected with you yet.


#4 Use Automation As Needed


A growing number of tools will allow you to manage multiple social media accounts, with just a few clicks. Pay particular attention to publishing content during the times you are not online, for around the clock marketing.


#5 Think Engagement


Your content should have a high potential to evoke a response, such as a comment, like or share. Make your calls to action obvious to get the response you want.



* Poll


* Survey


* Provocative or thought-provoking question


* Sharing interesting articles and other niche-related content, and encouraging others to as well


* Creating a range of content at your site and sharing it


* Comment on a recent news item


If you get a comment, reply to it as appropriate. Stuck with a troll?  Don’t engage on their unprofessional level in front of the entire world, just delete their nonsense and block them.


In the posting, give a clear call to action: Get the facts now.  To obtain further information, motivate your audience to contribute to the discussion by asking them to post in the comments section.


#6 Check On Others And Connect As Needed


See what others are doing and be helpful in all your interactions online, and people will soon be checking out your profile and starting to follow you because you look like someone worth paying attention to.


#7 Connect With Thought Leaders


Connect with the top people in your niche. You can learn from them, and will be keeping good company, which over time may result in a range of profitable opportunities.


#8 Track Your Results

See how many engagements you get from each activity. If driving traffic to your site, create a unique URL for each network campaign so you can see the results from each network quickly.


What are your thoughts on what types of practices make an effective social media marketer?  Please share them in comments section below.




Bio: Sonya Myricks is a writer, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and PhD candidate. She owns and manages a blog site with several topic categories including digital products, training information on business, marketing, and self-development plus a growing database of quality articles. If you would like more information on how to use Pinterest, visit our website

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