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Often times when people think of sales and marketing they think of a love and hate type of relationship.  There’s been a debate for quite some time about whether the sales department or the marketing department is the primary lead in a business.


Most business people are aware that sales and marketing are two very important components that determine a business’s survival in the market.  While both are dependent on each other, many people confuse sales with marketing and vice-versa which is a big mistake.  Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through advertising, setting up a competitive price for the product, etc.  Marketing is a platform which drives sales (message).


While on the other hand, the sales process is what you do to successfully sell a product and/or obtain a contract (relationship).   Sales and marketing together is a part of selling and one cannot do without the other.  They are also known as activities.  The success of a business is critical to the success of these two important activities working in tandem.


Marketing is the backbone of a company’s future and a launching pad for the sales.  While the marketing process encompasses the design of the product, advertising the sales process is the execution of all the efforts that involves direct interaction with a client either by face-to-face meetings, cold calls, or through networking.


But there is always an ongoing rivalry between the two, one claiming primacy over the other.  For example, the marketing people might say they have an upper hand because they think since it is they who designs the products, lays down the strategy, and also develops the tools necessary for sales; they are considered the lead group.


On the other hand, the sales people may have it in their minds that a business could or would not be a business if it wasn’t for sales.  Either way, both marketing and sales work together to achieve a company’s bottom line.  Even so, the sales people might not agree to this view and may be completely opposite in their opinion.  They think that it is the sales people who actually sell a product and bring money to the business.


In spite of the aforementioned, many experts believe that marketing should play a pivotal role amongst the two.  A successful marketing campaign makes sales easy and makes people believe that it is actually the sales people who are the dominant leaders.  The most important role of the marketing department is to create opportunities for the sales department.  Marketing drives the sales and selling drives a company’s success.


Marketing is like a life support for sales, one who is constantly backing up the sales department and enabling them to successfully deliver the end product.  There shouldn’t be a race to gain supremacy over another department, but a race to win the market and customers working together.


Many businesses combine sales and marketing together but in reality they have different targets. While the sales department (controls the relationship) is interested in fulfilling the requirements of what the customer asked for, the marketing department (controls the message) is actually busy studying what the market demands, for example.


The goal of the marketing department is to foresee how the market will shape up in future.  They should envision their product catering to the needs of the market for the next few years and be ready to make design changes in their product accordingly.


It is very important that a company integrates their sales and marketing department in a well fashioned manner.  It is the proper mixing of these two important entities that fuels the growth of a company.  The sales people should not be merely treated as the cash collectors.  Each department has its own role and should go hand in hand in selling the product of the company and this should be the foremost important criteria.


I hope you enjoyed reading this discourse on sales and marketing and would love to hear what you have to say about each one as it pertains to your place of work.  So please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.


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