10 Instagram Business Etiquette Tips

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In order to get new followers and keep the ones you have, there are certain do’s and don’ts to using Instagram for your business.


  1. Don’t “flood” the feed. This means that you should not post too many images or videos at one time within the same day. Try to keep a regular schedule of posting two to three times daily, and only publishing a single photo or video at a designated time period.  If you publish excessively (and especially too much at one time) you run the risk of people getting annoyed and unfollowing you.  Remember, focus on quality over quantity. One or two high quality published content is most likely to be appealing compared to ten posts that are low quality.
  2. Do create photo collages when you have several images to share. A quick search of the app store will help you find a collage making app for Instagram.
  3. Do keep all of your interactions with others positive. Keep your comments and descriptions upbeat and friendly. You don’t want any negativity spoiling your brand!
  4. Don’t use too many hashtags or hashtags that aren’t relevant to your business. Using too many at one time can make you look desperate, so try to keep them to under ten or so at a time. Remember to do your research and only use hashtags that relate directly to your business or to a specific image or video.
  5. Do give credit when sharing other user’s images or videos. You can do this by posting their Instagram user name in the description. How?  Use the @ symbol followed by their user name (with no space in between).  There are also apps that will allow you to repost other users content while giving them full credit.
  1. Do use high quality images and videos. They should be clear and well lit. Use Instagram filters, but don’t over-do them. Don’t just post content and do nothing else.  Instagram is a social network, so be sociable!  Find and follow other users, like their images and videos, and comment on them!  When other users post a comment on your image or video, be sure to acknowledge them with a thank you or an answer to their question.
  1. Do keep your descriptions short and to the point. No need to be long-winded to make your point.
  2. Do change up your posts and make them fresh. Too many images that are the same will bore your followers. Change it up a bit with by posting images and videos of products and people.   Behind-the-scenes and “how it’s made” images and videos can also be a hit with your target audience.
  3. Don’t spam. If all you post are images and videos that try to do nothing but sell to people, you won’t gain (or keep) many followers. Instead of in-your-face promotion, keep it entertaining, light and engaging.  Remember, the point of Instagram is to share, not sell.  When done right, you will attract followers who connect with your brand, and who will later become customers because they feel that connection.
  4. Above all, be a responsible and considerate Instagram user. Don’t be a nuisance by clogging up people’s feeds with too many posts or hashtags. Be entertaining and informative, and keep your descriptions short and to the point.  Keep all of these tips in mind and your Instagram account will become a great marketing tool for your business!


If you have some ideas about business etiquette on Instagram, please share them with us in the comment area below.


Bio: Sonya Myricks is a writer, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and PhD candidate. She owns and manages a blog site with several topic categories including digital products, training information on business, marketing, and self-development plus a growing database of quality articles. If you would like more information on how to use Pinterest, visit our website http://biz-startup.com/.

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