Shopper Insights and Consumer Insights

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Shopper Insights and Consumer Insights

Presently, advertising methods of yesterday are no longer a leading factor in determining whether people will buy or not. For example, consumers are able to get information from online marketers, social media networks, and satellite networks are invading the media outlet of radio, and even certain demographics methods are fading into the background, and so on. This has led to businesses alike to be more mindful of how individuals spend their money. As marketers and entrepreneurs it is important to understand what inspires people to shop, their habits, and unconventional behavior, plus the general motivating factors that influence social conduct. We can obtain information about prospects and customers by having shopper insights combined with consumer insights.

Let’s examine them a bit further.

Shopper Insights

Shopper insights may possibly be due to situations occurring within or outside the store as they do with things that happen inside any place of business. Being quick to say that everything there is to know about a shopper’s behavior must take place or happen within the place of business is unnecessarily limiting, especially given the relative infancy of this field of study. Social scientists researching social conduct as varied as bad behavior, courting, as well as meditating, and having long documented that a person’s home life is an important factor within every representation of social deeds, by no means confine their scope of research to the home. As such, the study of shopping habits of people should not be an exception.

Shopper insights gives both marketers and entrepreneurs the means necessary aimed at placing more goods into its buyers’ hands. This is achieved through leveraging shopper marketing initiatives like product co-promotions combined with markdowns. As such, retailers are attempting to give the impression that their goods are the ones that a buyer needs to purchase since it is a more useful product. For example, a business offers a buy three and get one free pair of sneakers promotion. In other words, shopper insights is centered on understanding whatever pleases or satisfies the customer in order to get them to buy more.

Consumer Insights

On the other hand, consumer insights is much more centered on the ‘brand experience’. Regardless of where and how the person gets the product, they want to know how it is the brand is distinguished from other products, what feelings it brings to mind, also the need states that it fulfills. This collection of information is what powers inventiveness or ideas such as market improvements in addition to changes in how the brand promotes itself. These types of ideas assist vendors in making the best choices concerning business matters such as where to spend their advertising dollars and what product to launch next.

Consumer insights for the most part, isn’t completely derived from a single group of people or a questionnaire aimed at consumers. As a matter of fact, consumer insights are typically gathered through a combination of information-gathering events combined with research which produces consistency and meaning. In the present day company settings, an individual who studies the culture and customs of people (e.g., an ethnographer), may even be brought in to help provide a deeper cultural awareness of why a person decides to take a specific action.


As a marketer or entrepreneur, once you understand shopper insights as well as consumer insights, you’ll begin to know why customers do things a certain way and as such, it will be much easier to form and develop lasting connections with them.

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