5 Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes

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5 Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes

With so many people online watching and sharing videos, perhaps the most serious mistake you can make is to not engage in video marketing. Today, very few people in the marketing industry make this mistake since a vast number of people are already engaged in video marketing. Yet despite this excellent decision, some people are still going about it the wrong way.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes committed in video marketing:

1. Videos are too long. This is a very understandable mistake, because so many people simply want to hold forth on their favorite topics. There are many reasons why very long videos can pose a challenge (see the article entitled “8 Simple Tips for Writing an Effective Video Script”), but the basic reasons are simple. Simply put, most people can get bored very easily. And since there are a lot of interesting things to see on the Internet, there’s no good reason why people should stick to your really long video.

2. Videos are boring. Some people put up text messages to music and call it a video. Well, that’s not really much of a video is it? Then there are those who think that a good video is to just film someone talking in front of a seminar, or just film themselves talking. Those are boring too. People make this mistake because these types of videos are very easy to make.

3. Video makers are making videos without a point. There are two main reasons why you would want to make a video. One is that you want to entertain your viewer. The other main reason is that you want to inform your viewer. If your marketing video is neither entertaining nor informative, then it is basically pointless. Would you want to stick around to watch that sort of thing?

So next time, make sure that your video is memorable and emotionally resonant. It can be funny, scary, heart-warming, or controversial, but your viewer must feel something. Or you can make a video that demonstrates your products features, or you can show the proper way to take care or use your product. Videos are much more effective at this sort of thing than mere articles alone.

4. Videos don’t help your viewers remember your product. Even the most entertaining and informative videos don’t really help you in particular, if the viewer’s only remember the video but not your company. The ultimate point of the video is to call attention to your brand, but if you fail at this you may very well be helping out your competitors instead.

5. There’s no call to action in the videos. Now that you have your viewer’s attention, you have the opportunity to make that viewer do something you want. Never let the marketing video end without some sort of suggestion from you as to what they should do next. You can tell them to buy the product, visit your website for more information, to subscribe to your newsletter, or to download a white paper on the topic. What you suggest should also call more attention to your brand and to your product.

Remember, the point in the end is to boost your profits. You can entertain and inform your potential customers, but you can never let them forget who did this public service for them. So be sure to give people a reason to want to visit your site by not making the aforementioned video marketing mistakes.

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