10 Tips on How to Get Your Blog Read

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10 Tips on How to Get Your Blog Read

Now that you’ve created your blog and posted several articles, you’re excited and expecting numerous visitors! The only problem is no one is reading it. How can you get people to read what you’ve posted? To help you increase viewers of your blog take a look at the following tips:

1. Most of us have heard the saying, “content is king.” Your content should not be just any content, but good content. Compose content that is attention-grabbing and practical. Also, be consistent about when you post, update your blog on a regular basis, and make use of keywords in your content to optimize your blog site. This will make it easier for your site to be discovered by search engines.

2. Join communities that are relevant to blogging. Connect with other bloggers about what has worked for them, and don’t be afraid to use their suggestions.

3. Take the time to publish an RSS/Atom/XML feed. This can be done without difficulty on a blog hosting site such as WordPress or Blogger.

4. Be careful in how you choose the titles of your subjects and articles. Think about what likely readers will be searching for and include keywords in your titles. You can also subscribe to a search reporter such as Word Tracker. These keyword research tools publish the most popular searches every week and can help you choose what topics you would like to include in your blog.

5. Participate in other people’s blog discussions. Comment on them and offer feedback. Most comment features give you an opportunity to post a link back to your blog, and it’s possible that you may interest that blog’s owner or a reader of that blog who may in turn be interested in what you have to say.

6. Set up your email and forum signatures to include the address of your blog. This is easy advertising that you take the time to set up once. You never know when a potential reader may click on your link and become excited with what you have to say!

7. Research the Internet and find blog directories. List your blog in online directories to draw potential readers.

8. Write articles and submit them to online article directories (e.g., ezinearticles.com). These can be found by doing a basic web search. Most directories allow you to place an author’s bio or resource box in which you can include a link back to your blog.

9. Use a ping or update service to let readers know your blog has been updated. This can function as an easy reminder to readers that you are out there with something to say!

10. Create a blogroll or link list of blogs that you enjoy reading. This makes it possible for your blog to get linked by another blogger and having their readership being introduced to you. But then again, don’t create a huge blogroll just for the purpose of trying to get links on others’ pages because this can have a tendency to annoy or irritate your readers.
It is important to remember that having a continuous readership does not happen overnight. It takes time to get to know people and their interests before your blog can become successful. So, by spending time reading other blogs, making comments, and getting to know other bloggers, will allow your blog to grow naturally on its own.
Blogs can be great as marketing tools, social networking, and forming friendships. A little investment in time and effort can help you grow your audience of loyal and interested friends.

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